Calypso Music for Carnivals and Street Parties

Calypso Music for carnivals and street parties...

  1. 1912-37 [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso Pioneers
  2. 1927-41 [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso Breakaway
  3. Barbarossaplatz [VINYL]
    ~by Dr. Calypso
  4. Calypso [IMPORT]
    ~by Harry Belafonte
  5. Calypso After Midnight [IMPORT]
    ~by Lord Invader, et al
  6. Calypso at Midnight [IMPORT]
    ~by Lord Invader, et al
    ~by King Fighter, Lord Melody
  8. Calypso Blue [VINYL]
    ~by Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Sextet
  9. Calypso Calaloo [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso Calaloo
  10. Calypso Carnival [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso Carnival
  11. Calypso Costa Rica
    ~by Various Artists
  12. Calypso Holiday/Songs of Chris [IMPORT]
    ~by Norman Luboff Choir
  13. Calypso in New York [EXTRA TRACKS]
    ~by Lord Invader
  14. Calypso Is Like So
    ~by Robert Mitchum
  15. Calypso Season [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso Season
  16. Calypso
    ~by John Denver
  17. Captain Calypso's Hoodoo Pa
    ~by The Blackhands
  18. Caribbean Soca and Calypso Party
    ~by Various Artists
  19. Copenhagen Calypso
    ~by Kenny Werner
  20. From Calypso to Collapso
    ~by The Pirates
  21. From Calypso to Disco
    ~by Chariots, et al
  22. Independence Jump Up Calypso [IMPORT]
  23. Jump Up Calypso [GOLD CD] [IMPORT]
    ~by Harry Belafonte
  24. Kings of Calypso
    ~by Various Artists
  25. Miss Calypso [IMPORT]
    ~by Maya Angelou
  26. Pan Jazz N Calypso [IMPORT]
    ~by Vat 19 Fonclaire Steel Orchest
  27. Quarter to Three/Twist Up Calypso
    ~by Gary U.S. Bonds
  28. The Growling Tiger of Calypso [IMPORT]
    ~by Neville Marcano
  29. The Rough Guide to Calypso and Soca
    ~by Various Artists
  30. United Calypso '98
    ~by Manchester United
  31. Vol. 1-Golden Hits of Calypso [IMPORT]
  32. Vol. 1-One Hundred Percent Lat [IMPORT]
    ~by Calypso, et al
  33. Vol. 2-Golden Hits of Calypso [IMPORT]
  34. Vol. 6-Hot Soca Calypso Collec [IMPORT]